Gold Jewellery for Men and Women

Gold jewellery is just the right accessory that will make you stand out in any occasion. Even a plain gold ring can make a style statement. It is no wonder why there is so much craze about gold jewellery. The metal has a unique charm and lustre that adds to the beauty of your outfit.

With over 30 years experience as a jewellery manufacturer, Kahn’s Jewellers had started its journey in 1980’s from Rondebosch. Women in particular always look forward to new designs in gold jewellery. We, at Kahn’s Jewellers, understand your requirements and choices and manufacture jewellery according to your taste. You can now easily buy gold jewellery online, from our website itself.

Gold Rings

You will find an extensive range of gold rings displayed on our website. From simple wedding bands to intricately-designed gold rings with pearls or diamonds or both, you will find all of them at our place. You must not delay in buying a gold ring online, just choose one that suits your tastes. Men can choose a signet ring or gold bands. Diamond Eternity rings with a gold base can be worn by both men and women.


Gold Bracelets

We are proud to say our chain bracelets are quite popular among men and women. Buy a gold bracelet online from our website and gift it to your loved ones. The designs are unlike anything you have seen in other stores.

Gold Bangles

Our gold bangles have simple but elegant designs that will suit all occasions, from a wedding to an office party. Buy a gold bangle online according to your wrist size. We also offer custom made gold bangles.

Gold Pendants

You will find intricate unique gold pendants displayed on our website. Buy a gold pendant online and attach it to your bracelet or neckwear. Now, you are ready to attend any function.

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