If you no longer wish to wear a piece of jewellery in its existing form but want to create something modern and wearable, then our remodelling service is the ideal solution. We can reuse the materials, reset a gemstone or use the essence of the original pieces as inspiration for something new.

We repair old jewellery and transform them into new ones, preserving the valuable metal and stones. We can manufacture jewellery according to your specifications and can guide you through to the final product.

Jewellery inherited from loved ones or handed down from previous generations is precious but sometimes it needs a new lease of life. A simple alteration or re-design around the original stones or metal will retain the sentimental value while creating a piece that suits your style. We understand it is hard to put such a valuable piece into someone else’s hands but our team of talented designers and expert goldsmiths have unsurpassed skills, knowledge and experience.


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