The Mokume – Gane Range

Design your one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery in traditional Japanese custom.  

Your unique jewellery can be made with white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, or with copper and gold. 

Artistic Mokume – Gane Jewellery

Mokume-Gane is a Japanese metalworking technique which was highly acclaimed and used to design the sheaths and handles of the samurai swords in the 17th century. The technique was revived by the smiths after an extensive research. Today, Mokume-Gane jewellery has become widely popular across the world as the demand for eccentric, artistic designs have risen.

Mokume-Gane means “wood grain metal”. These simply fascinating rings with a design like that of the wood are worth investing for.  A Mokume-Gane ring comes in an extensive range of designs due to ethereal combinations of patterns and colours. Gold, copper, silver and iron (Damascus) are juxtaposed with each other during the lamination process of the Mokume ring. The speciality of Mokume-Gane jewellery is that each design is absolutely unique.

Are you looking for weddings bands which are different from diamond rings and simple gold bands? A wedding band should reflect your love for the significant other. What better way than expressing your love through these exceptional Mokume-Gane rings?

We, at Kahn’s Jewellers offer Mokume-Gane jewellery at a reasonably affordable rate. We offer unique Mokume-Gane rings made from silver and copper alloy, gold and copper alloy, and even palladium (as per our customer’s wish). Most of our rings are custom made, handcrafted from the finest of metals. Our products range from 3-Tone Fused bands, Copper and Gold Mokume bands to a Female ring with Cubic Zirconia. 

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