His and Her Neckwear

Are you unable to take time out from your daily schedule to shop for beautiful pendants? We are here to solve your problem. Now, you can easily buy pendants online, directly from our website.

Ethereal pendants from Kahn’s Jewellers come in all ranges and sizes. We create immaculate pendants which can also be customised to any specific design. Our priority is to serve our customers. If you have a neckwear design in mind, we can help you to make that dream real by transferring that design into the real world.

Platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and cubic zirconia are elements we have available — we will use what you choose to create a unique pendant.

Here are some of our unique products:

  • Africa Pendant: It is in the shape of the continent. Feel close to your motherland and its diversity with this simple pendant.
  • Paw Print Pendant: It resembles a dog’s paw. You will feel the presence of your pet even when you are far away from your home.
  • Heart/ Star Pendant: A heart pendant has always been a favourite of the lovers. But a heart pendant with a star engraved on it shows the timelessness of love.
  • Anchor Pendant: It a sign of the sailors, of safety, of being anchored to the earth. A silver or white gold anchor pendant will remind you of your roots.
  • Chai Pendant: “Chai” has its roots in the Jewish culture which denotes the ‘living being’ or ‘animal’.
  • St. Christopher Pendant: Shield yourself and your loved ones from the evil with this pendant.
  • Star of David Pendant: Another Judaic symbol which has holy connotations.
  • Whale Tail Pendant: An artistic pendant which can become your style statement.
  • Angel Wing Pendant: This pendant will act as your guardian angel.
  • Tree of Life Pendant: It symbolises knowledge and the circle of life. The concept is rooted in Buddhism.
  • Hamsa Sepia Pendant: Success, harmony and protection are denoted by the Hamsa Sepia pendant.

Both men and women can wear these pieces. Gift these wonderful pendants to your parents, friends or to the special person in your life. Make them feel cherished.

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