Whether you have regular beads or South Sea pearls, you can bank on us for re-threading and repairs.

The very word “pearl” enchants the imagination. Originating from Latin, and known in ancient Persian as “Margarita—Son of the Sea”, it evokes images of all that is simple, pure, unique and naturally elegant. The pearl has been favored by royalty for hundreds of years as a signature of the elite. While any gem might serve as a gift to express tender sentiments, the offering of a pearl is unfailingly the mark of good taste, while as an adornment, nothing can speak so eloquently of one’s refined discrimination as the pure and lustrous elegance of a pearl.  

Modern technologies have favoured our changing world and gone are the days when possession of this exquisite beauty was confined to royalty.

Pearls of the highest quality and luster and of great variety in natural color, size, shape and design are now accessible and affordable to all.

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